About Us

Simpli Insurance is a Toronto based life insurance brokerage. We offer the best rates across all major insurance companies and serve clients across the GTA.

We strive to provide the best customer care, which means providing the insurance policy that’s right for each client’s unique needs. Whether you’re starting a young family or a recent retiree, we will work with you to understand the coverage you need while balancing the price that fits your budget.

Our Process

  1. Each client starts by filling out our simple life insurance quote, providing some basic information about themselves, including age, policy type and coverage. This is an initial assessment and can be modified later on.
  2. Based on the information provided in the quote, we will be able to provide the best rates. This allows the client to compare and assess the best choices.
  3. We’ll then work with the client to choose the policy that’s right for them; including a detailed analysis of their individual needs.

That’s it! We will be able to provide the paperwork and coverage details upon confirmation of client information.

At any point in the insurance purchase process the client can walk away with zero commitment. We strive to provide the best customer service possible and that means providing a no stress environment for the client. We’re confident that our industry leading customer service and best life insurance prices will satisfy our client needs.


Not ready to purchase and just want a quote to see prices? Fill out this life insurance quote form and we’ll get back to you with the best rates life insurance rates.


Our Team



Marino Attanasio

Founder and CEO

Marino, our co-founder and CEO created Simpli Insurance in 2009. A loving husband and father of two, Marino’s passion for the business stems from working with other young families to help them prepare for the financial future. A proven leader, Marino possesses excellent communication skills focused on making Insurance simple and easy understand for the busiest of families. Marino is the driving force behind Simpli Insurance’s growth to becoming Toronto’s #1 Life Insurance Brokerage.






Eva Chan

Insurance Advisor

Eva joined Simpli Insurance as an advisor 7 years ago after graduating from the University of Toronto’s Schulich School of Business in 2010. Eva has excelled as an Advisor ranking in the Top 100 Advisors under 30 in 2014. Most recently, Eva lead the Simpli Insurance team in sales in 2017. Eva is an avid cyclist who enjoys participating in competitions worldwide.


Greg Adams

Senior Insurance Advisor

Greg is a seasoned Insurance Professional coming up to 25 years in the business. Born and raised in Etobicoke, Greg’s leads the team with his wealth of experience and knowledge. Playfully called ‘The Godfather’ Greg’s experience and intelligence has been vital to the success of Simpli Insurance.  Greg’s hobbies include Fishing and watching his Grandson play hockey.



Luke Wang

Insurance Advisor

Luke joined us as a student while studying Business at Brock University and has stayed on an Advisor since graduating in 2015. Luke’s desire to learn and passion for delivering the best customer service netted him Top Sales in 2016. Luke is an expert at taking the hassle and confusion out of Life Insurance, championing our Virtual Insurance Option which allows Insurance polices to be completed virtual through Net Meeting or Skype. It’s easy to see why Luke is changing the way people buy insurance.  Luke is a Toronto Raptors super fan who hasn’t missed a game in 5 years!


Mohammed Patel

Insurance Advisor

Mohammed stared as an Underwriter, working with Insurance companies and industry professionals to help develop the newest innovations to Life Illness products. Mohammed is a tireless worker who is dedicated to providing his customers with the utmost professional customer service. Mohammed got engaged this past summer and is excitingly planning his wedding with his fiancée.






Rehan Bhatt

Insurance Advisor

Rehan holds his Masters of Business Administration from York University and has quickly developed into one of the strongest Insurance Advisors in Ontario. Rehan has always been a go-getter, helping his parents grow their small restaurant in Scarborough, Ontario into one of the pillars of the community for continued success. Rehan works diligently to provide the best products for each of his customers, business or personal. Rehan is an avid blogger and loves traveling.



Maggie Miller

Insurance Advisor

Maggie is a Second Generation Advisor taking over her Father’s business in 2012. Maggie is an excellent communicator who’s driven to succeed and provide the absolute best customer experience possible. Born in Oakville, Ontario Maggie has grown up in the Insurance Business holding a wealth of experience with personal Life Insurance, more precisely helping small families plan for the future. With a husband and two small children herself, Maggie preaches cost effective measures to align with any and all family budgets because in her father’s words, ‘It’s never too late to plan for your future.



Arun Dara

Senior Insurance Advisor

Arun is the newest member of the team, joining Simpli Insurance in January 2017. Arun earned his CFP designation in 2009 and has work in the Insurance business for 20 years. Arun loves the business and has a passion for building long lasting relationships with his customers. Arun is a loving father to three little girls and is a passionate home chef.